Ethical Values

People, environment and animals are the core of our corporate culture. 

Our values are simple: we strive to do better and better and to create  products that inflicts no harm to animals and as little as possible to environment. Our goal is to have a company where the people enjoy working for.

We want to make cruelty free accessories more accessible to all, showing that you don’t need to hurt to be cool.

All the components our watches are made of have been designed to eliminate the use of polluting elements and to reduce as much as possible the use of fossil origin materials.

Our packaging materials are all made of natural fabrics and paper, and have been designed to have the smallest volume as possible in order to reduce the carbon footprint during transportation. All our shopping bags are made of cotton and recycled paper certified FSC.

Happiness and well-being of all people who collaborate with us are extremely important to us too. It was a long journey to find a factory that we were happy to work with to produce our watches.  Since the beginning we have selected only suppliers that would not only be able to make our watches but who would also meet our high standards.

We actually buy our movements in Japan from Citizen Group and purchase other components from Hong Kong, the world recognised hub for watch industry.

We have personally visited our partner and all its suppliers, all of them! They all have a factory that pays fairly, offers opportunities, equality and has great facilities, plus they offer to all their visitors the best tea ever!

As conscious consumers, we think transparency is key and it’s important for our customers to know where and how the KYOMO products are made. 

Thank you for taking the time to find out more about how we operate, it really matters to us.