Free Shipping Worldwide | 2 Years Warranty
Free Shipping Worldwide | 2 Years Warranty

Tokyo is a collection of standout pieces inspired by the classic old Japanese watches but designed to be flaunted. Dripping with artisanal details, each piece embodies a different personality to show off.

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Sustainability, Cruelty free and Fair trade

People, environment, and animals are the core of our corporate culture. We are always very attentive to limit our carbon footprint and raise awareness about global warming. That, along with our love for all animals, have led us to choose only recyclable, sustainable, and cruelty-free materials when we design our products and all the Mktg materials. Besides, all our suppliers have been selected according our strict criteria of equality, opportunity and working condition.

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Highest quality

Thanks to a robust case made of the highest grade of stainless steel (SS316L) and a hardened sapphire glass face, Kyomo watch is made to resist scratch, corrosion and the daily stress of even the most active lifestyles.

The ‘milanese’ style watch band has a double safety buckle that protects the watch from accidental openings. 

The accuracy of sealing on the crown and on the glass make this timepiece water resistant up to 5atm

Hand Made finishing

To create the inclined surfaces on the front of the case we use cnc machines. The cnc blades leaves behind sharpened edges that need to be removed. 
Our expert craftsmen remove these metal edges manually using the finest filings and all their patience and art. 
This manual operation gives to each piece a different finishing making every KYOMO watches a real unique timepiece. 


Thanks to the support of professional jewelers we have designed the case with a unique and unisex shape that makes the Kyomo Watch look great on both male and female wrists.

Our watches have been designed not just to show the time, but to remind how important time is.

Isa & Ale

(Co-Founders KYOMO)

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